Restrictions in China; Diversity of UK options

Changes to China’s property investment landscape: The Chinese authorities have become concerned about domestic inflation, especially in the property sector and have already taken steps to reduce the purchase of investment property in the country. For example, there is frequent talk of introducing an annual property tax in China for investors, with Shanghai and Chongqing expected to lead the way. This is causing many Chinese investors to seek overseas opportunities for property investment.
Diversity of investment options: The UK property market offers a huge variety of investment options. Every type of home imaginable from high rise apartments to stately mansions is available, unlike in some emerging economies where choices are much more limited.
A great proportion of properties in the UK are freehold (or freehold share), which means the property as well and the land belongs to you for good. Even where the property is leasehold (most leases run from 99 – 999 years), the law has a clear and simple procedure for the lease to be extended which guarantees the rights of the home owner.