Service Process

Step 1. Initial consultation, free of charge and without obligation
We suggest that you initially contact us by email via our webpages to set out briefly the type of property investment and budget you have in mind. However, please telephone us instead if you prefer. We will then set up a consultation with you either at our offices in London, or via telephone or video conference. This enables us to gain an initial understanding of your needs and interests. This consultation is free of charge and places you under no obligation. We can also arrange for one of our representatives in China to meet you face-to-face if necessary.
Step 2. Registering with us as a client
If you then decide to use our services, we take an initial registration fee. This fee is always refunded should you decide to complete on a property purchase through us.
Step 3. Finding properties that meet your needs
We then start the process of finding suitable properties and will present you with a detailed set of investment options. We will then refine our search if the first options don’t quite meet with your approval.
We can also arrange a guided tour for you of particular properties or parts of the UK where you have a specific investment interest and we can assist you with the arrangements to come to the UK for that purpose. Or, we can arrange to take more extensive photos and video footage for you of a particular property to give you a more complete understanding of it.
Step 4. Negotiating the best possible price for your property
When you have decided on the property to buy, we will enter into negotiations with the seller to achieve the best possible price for you. In most cases, the reduction in price achieved by our negotiation should be significantly greater than your fee to us.
Step 5. Handling the legal aspects of the sale and ensuring your property is structurally sound
If a property sale is then agreed in principle, we can put you in contact with the type of lawyer (known as a “solicitor”) who can handle all the legal aspects of the property purchase. We work with the solicitor and you, so you fully understand the processes involved and can easily follow the progress of the purchase. We will also work with any loan providers, should you choose to fund your investment purchase partly with a secured loan (known as a “mortgage”). Finally, we can arrange a survey to be conducted to check the structural soundness of the property.
Step 6. Providing any ancillary services you may require
Finally, should you need further services related to your purchase, we can bring in other trusted experts to assist you and we will help explain anything that you do not understand.