Why Use Us?

Why use a consultancy like this? Can’t I just search the internet for property?
Making a well informed decision is obviously very important in property investment and we do not think you can be sure to make such a decision just by looking at the basic details of the property on the internet. A property may appear desirable on the estate agent’s website but there are lots of other details which are usually missing from the sales adverts which really influence whether your investment is going to be a success. We aim to make sure you have the full picture, not just a small part of it, before you make your purchase. This is essential to avoid costly mistakes. 
Furthermore, successful negotiation, purchase, and management of property can be a very time-consuming and stressful process, especially in a different country with different language, laws and customs. We are here to take the stress and confusion out of the process by helping you every step of the way in your native language. Due to our bespoke nature, we can offer you a greater level of personal attention than many other firms, and guide you through the entire process of property investment.
And finally, if you need trusted and good quality advice on related issues, for example about schools or universities for your children, we have experts who can help.